Maddy Savage | Journalist, Presenter, Moderator
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Working as a BBC staff journalist in London for a decade, Maddy reported for UK and global TV news shows and anchored BBC World Service radio programmes reaching 50 million people a week. Since 2014, she’s been based in Stockholm, working as a freelance foreign correspondent for media including BBC, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Monocle, Time Out and HuffPost.


Maddy’s main focus is Nordic innovation, culture and lifestyle. She has produced and presented several BBC documentaries including Meet the Neighbours, about solutions to loneliness. Maddy hosted three seasons of The Stockholmer Podcast, interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs. She was voted one of the 100 most impactful people in the Nordic startup scene and works as a moderator at tech and media events.


Liv Livmoder's book re-launch

How Swedes opened up about periods documentary


The provocative and practical ways Swedes made menstruation less taboo.

BBC / podcast

Meet the neighbours documentary


People living in this block of flats sign a contract to spend at least two hours a week together to tackle loneliness.

BBC / podcast
Johan Raaf

Making your stuff last documentary


Sweden’s clever ways to persuade people to fix old things instead of throwing them away.

BBC / podcast

Why Swedes only eat candy on Saturdays


Sweden’s weekly sweets tradition has a murky past. It’s linked to unethical experiments on hospital patients.

BBC / video
Damage caused by an explosion in Linköping

Why are bombs going off in Sweden?


A mysterious series of attacks spark a global debate.

BBC / podcast

Inside Sweden’s second hand shopping mall


Everything inside this shopping centre is sustainable or recycled.

HuffPost / article

Covid-19’s long mental health toll


Experts warn a sizable minority of us could be left with mental health problems that outlast the pandemic.

BBC / article

Foot on the Gas


Alain Visser, CEO of Gothenburg-based car-subscription company Lynk & Co wants to transform mobility.

MONOCLE / article